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About us

Idea and founding

direktzu® was founded by students in 2006; based on the simple need to close the gap in communication between the public and Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel. The Many-to-One® principle in direktzu® fills this gap. This start-up has quickly become a very successful and professional company. In addition to many top politicians at the federal, state and local levels, many top entrepreneurs use the communications solutions of direktzu® as management instrument for the organizational development.

From chancellor to concern


Since 2008, direktzu® solutions have been in use by DAX corporations and many large multi-national companies. By working together with our clients such as Deutsche Telekom, Airbus, and Metro; we are continuously developing our product as a strategic management tool for organizational development. The combination of consulting expertise and technological know-how allows us to offer innovative solutions and continuous advancement - both in our product and in business services. We are convinced that today only holistic-operating companies can offer the best performance and solutions. Whether a temporary project or as a sustainable form of interaction in enterprises, as well as in political and public matters - direktzu® solutions are useful and effective every day.


Caveh Zonooz, CEO

Caveh Zonooz, CEO

"The vision of direktzu® has become reality.  Our tool could prove itself as a reliable management instrument; as well as an efficient method for citizen dialogue.  We can offer more than mere communication, and we are more focused than social media. The applications for direktzu® are by no means exhausted.  Put your trust in our solutions, and provide us with new challenges."

Jörg Schiller, CTO

Jörg Schiller, CTO

"Software as a Service is going to determine the market of corporate applications of the future. Implementing our software does not cause problems, it solves problems. "

Advisory board

Prof. Dr. Günter Faltin

Prof. Dr. Günter Faltin

Prof. Dr. Günter Faltin established the Entrepreneurship chair and the Laboratory for Entrepreneurship at Freie Universität Berlin. Besides leading his work area, Prof. Faltin himself is an entrepreneur and consultant.

Rudi Lamprecht

Rudi Lamprecht

Rudi Lamprecht, a former board member at Siemens, now works as a consultant and holds several directorships in major German companies.

Prof. Gerhard Schulmeyer

Prof. Gerhard Schulmeyer

Gerhard Schulmeyer has held various management positions at Braun, Sony, Wega, Motorola, and ABB until he became President and CEO of Siemens Nixdorf in Germany and of Siemens Corporation, USA. He taught as Professor of Practice at the Sloan School of Management at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Next to his activities as board member of several large enterprises, he today works as business consultant with focus on strategy development and management of cultural change.


In Cooperation

In cooperation with our partners in science, research, and business we continue to advance our solutions. We cooperate with doctoral candidates from different disciplines at renowned universities. We have contacts with researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and work closely with renowned consulting firms in order to continuously improve our product and services.


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