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  • thyssenkrupp


    To support the ongoing restructuring process direktzu® was established in thyssenkrupp in September 2014. The dialog platform is available worldwide across the Group in 6 languages. ​All employees have the opportunity to address their concerns directly to the CEO, Mr. Hiesinger, and his leadership team. Ideas and questions about the change process as well as suggestions for future improvements are published on the platform and forwarded to Mr. Hiesinger after going through the voting procedures and prioritization process. For management meetings and staff meetings the topics of the participants are gathered in advance via direktzu®. An integrated live chat function allows the board to react quickly and directly to burning questions and fulfills the claim of openness and transparency in the company's mission statement.

  • Airbus S.A.S.

    Airbus S.A.S.

    Increasing employee satisfaction through open, confidence-building corporate communications across national borders - that was what Tom Enders, former CEO of Airbus, saw as a key goal when direktzu® was brought in. His successor, Mr Brégier also values our solutions and uses direktzu® to position strategic issues and to gather original, relevant feedback from the entire staff on these issues.

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  • Jacques’ Wein-Depot

    Jacques’ Wein-Depot

    „Since our agency owners discovered the potential of the Direkt zu Jacques' platform for themselves, they have been using this communication forum to get involved constructively in the development of the company and to engage in a mutual exchange of experiences. This close communicative exchange is uncovering more and more potential and innovations for the Jacques' system. Processes can be significantly improved and obstructions in workflow quickly and comprehensively identified and removed. Thus our partners are involved in the successful development of the company. In particular, Direkt zu Jacques’ makes apparent which themes determine everyday sales in our agency owners' depots. Every contribution and answer on the platform helps to document content and knowledge and make them retrievable. This will give new agency owners answers relating to so many questions and themes which would otherwise have required considerable effort to clarify" Johannes Jentgens, Head of Personnel Development and Communication at Jacques'

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  • Wüstenrot & Württembergische AG

    Wüstenrot & Württembergische AG

    “We now think and work more as one company. It is paying dividends well in excess of what we spent on the project in money and time. In fact, the use of direktzu® has been extremely efficient and effective.”
    Frank Weber, former Director Concern Development and Communications

    Nine years after the merger of home loan bank Wüstenrot and insurer Württembergische, both company parts were still working, to a large extent, independently of one another. direktzu® helped to build a bridge in four strategic steps. As an accelerator to integration, direktzu® not only increased their cross selling rate, but also encouraged both divisions to perceive themselves as one unit and helped build trust in the management board.

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  • Auto-Teile-Unger GmbH

    Auto-Teile-Unger GmbH

    Employee participation and dialogue across hierarchical levels and regional boundaries have taken place at the brand-neutral master workshop since the end of 2013. direktzu® enables employees in the broad branch network to address their concerns and feedback on relevant issues directly to A.T.U’s management team.

  • Oesterreichische Nationalbank

    Oesterreichische Nationalbank

    During the global banking and financial crisis, the big financial houses lost credibility and the trust of their customers. To counteract this, the Board of the Austrian National Bank embraced open and transparent dialogue. Every citizen had the opportunity to ask questions on the issues of the Euro, the European Central Bank and monetary policy, as well as the economy and financial stability in Europe and Austria,. Between 2010 and 2011 the Executive Board of the Austrian National Bank answered 4,162 questions posted on the platform Direkt zum Direktorium der Oesterreichischen Nationalbank , which have been read by 688,718 users.

  • Atreus Interim Management

    Atreus Interim Management

    The central concern of A.dialog, as the direktzu® platform is called within the company Atreus, is to better understand the issues affecting their partners. This helps the Atreus management to recognize should be done to improve the partnership. direktzu® was first conceived as part of a conference to discuss open issues during the event and afterwards. As an online interactive communications platform A.dialog enables discussion between the Interim Executives and Atreus, who can post their own contributions and ideas to the platform, ask questions and participate in polls. The system also structures and automatically combines contributions from all participants. Feedback from all users is used to create a prioritized list of the top rated posts, which helps the management to distinguish between topics of major interest and individual opinions.

  • Deutsche Telekom AG

    Deutsche Telekom AG

    "Many executives talk about having their finger on the pulse of their organisations, but it is actually the case here. The platform gives us clear feedback - sometimes surprising, but always honest and always reflective of our staff."
    Andrea Vey, Head of Internal Communications, Deutsche Telekom

    At a time of strong media scrutiny, René Obermann, CEO of Deutsche Telekom AG, decided to offer direktzu® to his 140.000 employees in Germany as a central feedback channel for his video podcasts. This helped to prevent rumours, increase CEO visibility and, last but not least, cut costs in internal communications.

    Find out about the practical use of direktzu® in crisis communication.

  • Beiersdorf AG

    Beiersdorf AG

    The platform "Straight to Peter Field and Ralph Gusto" was provided to enable the company's employees to send direct feedback to the former Executive Board of Beiersdorf Shared Services on issues regarding brands and processes.

  • Siemens AG

    Siemens AG

    As an enhancement of the existing one-to-many communication channels, the former CEO of Siemens AG used the platform "direktzu Peter Löscher" for direct dialogue with about 9,000 company executives.

  • PepsiCo Europe

    PepsiCo Europe

    In 2012 PepsiCo launched in the UK under the leadership of CEO Richard Evans the pilot-platform "Direct to the Exec" , enabling employees in the UK to have an open dialogue with executives.

  • Bosch Car Multimedia GmbH

    Bosch Car Multimedia GmbH

    The platform "Straight to CM Board" initiated lively dialogue between the Management Board and the employees of Bosch Car Multimedia GmbH. The level of staff participation was particularly high in the area of innovation.

  • Metro Group

    Metro Group

    "To increase employee buy-in and ensure that everyone has a chance to express his or her criticisms and ideas, Metro Group created Straight to Cordes, a forum for dialogue in which the CEO answers employees’ questions on imminent and already implemented changes and clearly and openly shares the management’s standpoint. In so doing, he is paving the way for acceptance of the change programme."
    Dr. Michael Inacker, former Head of Group Communications and Public Affairs, Metro Group

  • Korn Ferry

    Korn Ferry

    As leading talent management solution provider on a global scale Korn Ferry incorporates best practice not only for its clients but also within its own organization. direktzu® allowed Korn Ferry to feel the pulse of all colleagues touched by the integration of very powerful organizations, making the success of the merge incremental not equalizing. The platform uncovered elements that make Korn Ferry an attractive employer and also pointed to areas where some additional effort could be invested. The active participation of a good third of the workforce in itself was a signal of the level of employee engagement. The platform is embedded in the bi-annual value and engagement survey and its follow up program. Key is that leadership embraces the tool, drives it and participates in a sincere and genuine way. direktzu® allows leaders to speak with their staff in a collegiate way at equal level, tearing down corporate speech barrier. The connection between the CEO and the staff becomes direct, real and tangible.

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