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direktzu® corporate

direktzu® is a strategic management tool for organizational development.  Our combination of direktzu® software and direktzu® business services provides new solutions for designing and shaping your business.


Through original and relevant feedback, you will receive a comprehensive insight to your staff.  You can target topics in order to align corporate and employee agendas, build trust, access unused potential, and dissolve resistance.


Our solutions provide a combination of direktzu® software and direktzu® business services as a strategic management tool for organizational development; giving you new design possibilities for your business.  Original and relevant feedback gives you a comprehensive overview of your workforce. Issues can be specifically addressed, and corporate and employee agendas can be synchronized; building confidence, developing unused potential, and dissolving resistors.

direktzu® corporate


Many-to-One ® is a new kind of interaction. The combination of modern software, swarm intelligence, and an innovative approach to consulting makes us the only provider allowing a scalable exchange of many with one addressee.  Top Management sets impulses and interrogates behavior and opinions.  Feedback is bundled and prioritized making relevant topics more visible, and specific actions can be induced.

direktzu® internal

Companies are facing changing structures and cultures. For these challenges direktzu® offers diverse applications as a strategic management tool:

  • Design your organizational development.
  • Accompany transformations and support change management.
  • Bring different cultures together after a merger.
  • Position yourself as top management. Become visibile.
  • Be an e-leadership vanguard.
  • Secure a sustainable buy-in of your employees.
  • Manage innovations directly from your workforce
  • Connect your franchisees with headquarters.
direktzu® internal
direktzu® external

direktzu® external

In addition to employees, customers are a company’s most important resource.  Interaction with customers and stakeholders is the most effective way to be close to the market.  direktzu® external is the most efficient way to interact with large numbers of customers.

  • Strengthen the identification with your brand.
  • Always retain control – even over controversial topics.
  • Increase awareness of your mission statement.
  • Manage innovation outside-in.
  • Be as close to the market as possible.
  • Set impulses relevant to society.

direktzu® business services

It is our pleasure to walk our path together with you. Our support is tailored to your needs. Take advantage of our experience in working with clients and partners, and fully exploit the potential of your product. Our offer comprises: Executive training and coaching, developing multipliers, barriers analysis, best practices workshops, and measuring business impact.

direktzu® business services


Getting our technology is as easy as getting electricity from the socket.

  • We conduct technical set-up, hosting and maintenance.
  • We comply with German Law regarding data protection (esp. BDSG, TMG).
  • Data security is key. We fulfill all relevant concepts for data security.
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